Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wine and Dine

It's about the food...

Start with the right foundation, and you can build anything.  Use these pantry and fresh "cheat sheet lists" as shopping lists, and you'll be amazed what can come out of your own kitchen.
  1. Cheat Sheet 1:  The Basic Pantry (pdf)
  2. Cheat Sheet 2:  Basic Fresh Ingredients (pdf)
  3. A Few Favorite Recipes

And the wine...

To us, wine is meant to be enjoyed with food.  A glass of good chianti, with tart cherry and earth flavors, raises our family dinner to the level of a small celebration around the table, even if it's the middle of the week.
Some wine and food matches are terrific, others indifferent, a few downright unpleasant.  This page gives a practical tour of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wine and food.  You’ll also find a selection of simple yet elegant recipes appropriate for different wines.   It’s all about the art, science, and fun of pairing wine with food.
    • Food and Wine Pairing
    • Wine-Friendly Recipes
    • Host a Tasting!
    • Reliable Restaurant Wines
These recipes have mostly been adapted from my books. Additional recipes and information are regularly included in the Wine Minute.

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