Tuesday, March 15, 2022

About Tod

Get ready to dig in to my archaeological mystery, Ground Truth. When Scottish archaeologist Jamie Walker accepts a summer gig as treasure hunter for hire, his colleagues are sure he's about to lose much more than he'll ever find, starting with his reputation and probably his job. Walker and his longtime friend and fellow Edinburgh University lecturer Ian Mackenzie find themselves where no self-respecting scientists willingly go: Oak Island in Nova Scotia, site of two centuries of real treasure hunting failure and death. The island may hide pirate treasure, Shakespearean manuscripts, or nothing at all, and Walker becomes uncomfortably aware that rather than the find of a career, he may simply face flameout. Just how hard should he work to find answers that, even if they exist, may be best left in the past?

To get a sense of Jamie, take a look at "his" blog, Forbidden Digs

I also write about food, wine, organic gardening, travel, and family from a practical, budget-oriented
Photo by Ryan Smith

perspective.  After hearing me evangelize about the fun of pulling carrots, making bread, or a Rhone that tastes like charcoal, my friends accuse me of being a romantic.  Guilty.  In my defense, however, these simple things feel more important than ever these days.

I am the author of several cookbooks in the Complete Idiot’s Guide series, including  20-Minute Meals, 5-Minute Appetizers, 30-Minute Meals, Quick & Easy Low Carb Meals, and my favorite, Cooking for Guys.  That title serves up cooking inspiration and humor for kitchen-shy guys, has been mentioned in the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and can be found on shelves from Boston to Sydney. Here's my Bookstore.

On the decidedly more indulgent side, I created over a hundred Restaurant Recipes for the Phantom Gourmet. The Phantom crew filmed these epic dishes in my kitchen west of Boston.

I have been a lifeguard, a Christmas tree salesman, a vacuum cleaner salesman (not simultaneously), a healthcare regulatory consultant, and a mall Santa. I build dry stone walls for fun.

I love photography almost as much as I love to write.

I am a member of GrubStreet, a creative writing center in Boston; and a member of The Writers’ Loft, a non-profit writing community in Sherborn, MA.

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